Serving University of Oregon Student-Athletes since 1908

The Order of the O is for UO former student-athletes who have earned a varsity letter in an intercollegiate sport while at Oregon.  The purpose of the Order of the O is to perpetuate the legacy and tradition of University of Oregon athletics.


In the early 1900’s, like many other colleges and universities, the Order of the O was formed for the varsity lettermen. The members were male athletes who had earned their varsity letters while participating at the University of Oregon. The athletes wore their green and yellow letter sweaters or jackets with pride across the campus and community.

However, during the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the Order of the O became dormant and lost its identity.

After the 1995 Rose Bowl, a group of alumni letter winners approached the U of O administration with the idea of revamping the Order of the O as an alumni letter winners club. The Athletic Department welcomed the opportunity and the Order of the O was revitalized with the inclusion of female letter winners.

In 2011, the Athletic Department hosted the Women’s Athletic Celebration, honoring over 400 female student-athlete alumni who previously had not been awarded an O Letter for their athletic participation.

Today, the Order of the O has begun to recreate itself to become one of the top letter winner clubs in the nation. By adding value to the UO Athletic Department and current student-athletes, the Order of the O has become a productive, viable asset to the University of Oregon. Connecting Duck athlete alumni with current Ducks through mentorship and networking, the Order of the O is giving back by building a community of support among fellow Duck athletes.

“Once a Duck, Always a Duck”