Meet the Order of the O Board!

The Order of the O is comprised of a volunteer board that works diligently to provide the best possible letter winners organization for the University of Oregon. If you are interested in learning more about serving as a member on the Order of the O board, please contact Beth Campbell, at 541-346-4460 or email

Executive Board of Directors

Bill Thompson
Football, 1969-1971, Cottage Grove, OR

Penny Hoyt Bewick
President Elect
Women’s Golf, 1971-1973, Portland, OR

Willie Blasher
Football, 1977-1978, Eugene, OR

Sara Denner
Soccer, 2001-2002, Portland, OR

Beth Campbell
Order of the O Administrative Assistant

Callie Wagner
Athletic Department Liaison
Lacrosse, 2008-2012, Eugene, OR

Board of Directors

Tony Borba
Football, 1985-1986, San Ramon, CA

Phil Bransom
Men’s Track & Field,  1976-1979, Portland, OR

Cristan Higa
Soccer, 2002-2005, Redondo Beach, CA

Daan Maasland
Men’s Tennis, 2012-2015, Eugene, OR

Anissa Meashintubby
Softball, 2001-2004, Eugene, OR

Shonna Bradbury Schroedl
Soccer, 1981, Portland, OR

Jerry Valencia, Wrestling “88,
Lowell, OR