Duck Baseball – Honorary Captains

Since the Duck Baseball program was reinstated for the 2009 season, a number of new traditions have been started-one of those has been having “Honorary Captains” from Oregon’s rich baseball history be introduced and throw out a first pitch, not unlike what football has been doing at half time of each home game. The Order of the O has worked alongside the Athletic Department in helping arrange to have alums be involved in some of the games.

Some of the Duck Baseball Alums so honored over the past few years have been as follows:


  • Bob Anderson


  • Jim Willis
  • Pat McNally
  • Mike Ritchey, Norv Ritchey
  • Everett Stiles
  • Duane Owens
  • Mark Rothert
  • Duane Reeves
  • Mike Nicksick
  • Colby Howe


  • Jon England
  • Dean Hummel
  • Tim Reed
  • Jerry Cunningham


  • Alex Keudel
  • Ron Young
  • Sandy Nosler

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