As letter winners, one of the greatest assets we can contribute to the current student-athletes, is a shared experience of participating in Oregon Athletics. The Order of the O has partnered with the Student-Athlete Mentor Program to support current student-athletes and connect alumni with the athletic department.  The mission of the mentoring program is “to create a supportive atmosphere for student-athletes through a dedicated mentor relationship.  Mentors provide guidance and support in order that the student-athletes may grow and succeed during their undergraduate and graduate experience as well as later in life.”

It is our hope, through the Order of the O, to facilitate connections between letter winners and the mentor program. The process of matching mentors with student-athletes is managed by the Student-Athlete Development office and is not exclusive to former Oregon athletes. The Student-Athlete Development staff takes great care in matching mentors with mentees that they believe will build valuable and successful relationships for both individuals.

There are two levels of mentorship involvement.  A full-time mentor is matched with a student-athlete and is expected to connect with their mentee at least once a month.  A part-time mentor would become part of a network of resources for student-athletes and called upon when specific advice or expertise may be needed for student-athletes.  These part-time volunteers are not matched with a student-athlete, but called upon when their area of expertise is needed.

There are specific rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to comply with the NCAA and each mentor will be advised of those and must be committed to following them.  Those rules and regulations will be provided by program staff.

The Order of the O is excited to provide opportunities for former student-athletes to be connected to the athletic department and to support current Oregon athletes through the mentor program. If you have an interest in learning more, please respond thru the Order of the O email (  We will respond with additional information.