Order of the O and Duck Baseball Starting New Traditions

Order of the O has played a part in helping start a new tradition recently with Oregon Baseball. In spring of 2015, while meeting with a group of seniors, we asked how they received their letterjackets. Some didn’t even know if they had received letterjackets, or that they had earned such an award- or that a letter or a jacket was something they had coming (perhaps they may already have a few pieces of gear?)-others said they had and thought they had stopped by the equipment room and just picked them up. “No big deal”.

So, the question was asked of them-what if there was a simple ceremony to recognize the new letterwinners by having a brief presentation to honor them in front of their teammates and alums (perhaps family and friends) at the annual Alumni game by presenting them with their recently earned letterjackets?

The answer from the seniors was an overwhelming “yes, I think you should give it a shot”. So, the next logical step was to check in with Coach Horton and the Director of Operations to see if this was desirable on their part-and if we could carve out a few minutes during Alumni Game weekend festivities to present the letterjackets to the most recent letterwinners. They graciously agreed and so we gave it a shot. We made the first presentation in fall 2015 at the Alumni game and since we were requested to do it again, we repeated the event at the 2016 Alumni game this past October. A photo of the 2016 recipients receiving their jackets is above.

Here’s hoping OO is allowed the honor of continuing to participate in such an enjoyable event to recognize current student athletes and contribute in some small way to an excellent student athlete experience here at Oregon.

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